The farmers of the country have started on the path of ‘Do or Die’

Under the leadership of Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi, a decision had been taken by the Indian National Congress that on 15 January, the Congress party will prepare a mass movement in support of the farmers, at every provincial headquarter, in the form of ‘Kisan Adhikaar Divas’. After the sit-in demonstration and rally, the Congress and the farmers would march to the Raj Niwas and plead for justice in every state headquarter by demanding, from the arrogant government of the country, to repeal the three black laws. This was to be the only demand.

It is time for the Modi Government to understand the warning being given by the country’s ‘Annadatas’ because the farmers of the country have started on the path of ‘Do or Die’, so that these black laws could be abolished. In the same context, the Raj Niwas in Delhi was gheraoed under the leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi.

NEW DELHI: Former Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi and Smt. Priyanka Gandhi charged up thousands of Congress workers, when they gheraoed the Raj Niwas on 15 January,2021, demanding repeal of the three anti-farmer Agricultural Laws, arbitrarily passed by the Modi Government at the Centre; without any discussions with the farmers and the Opposition parties.

Addressing thousands of Congress workers, Shri Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP and its Core Team were harming the interests of the farmers through these three anti-farmer Agricultural Laws. He said that these laws have not been made to help the farmers, but to destroy them, as they are meant only to help and to benefit big Corporates.

Shri Rahul Gandhi asserted that the Central Government will have to repeal the Agricultural Laws. He said that the Congress party was standing by the farmers to protect their interest, and will continue to support them, till the anti-farmer laws are rolled back.

Besides Shri Rahul Gandhi and Smt. Priyanka Gandhi, prominent others who participated in the gherao were AICC In-charge of Delhi Shri Shakti Singh Gohil, AICC General Secretary Shri K.C. Venugopal, DPCC President Shri Anil Chowdhary, Frontal Organizations and thousands of Congress workers.

On a question that more than 60 farmers have died but the government is in the deliberation mode still, what will you say? Shri Rahul Gandhi said that to understand this matter, a few other things need to be understood first. Whatever is happening at the border today and the passing of the three new laws - is not the beginning; it had been initiated long ago and I have been raising this issue for years. You might remember Bhatta Parsaul. This issue, of the rights of the farmers in this country, was first raised in Bhatta Parsaul. The questions like what are the rights of the farmer, whether the land of the farmer is his or someone else’s? Who would reap the benefits of whatever the farmer grows? – These questions surfaced for the first time in Bhatta Parsaul itself. The Congress Party gave the answer to these questions and the Land Acquisition Bill was altered. Modi Ji tried to repeal the Land Acquisition Bill and we stopped him from doing so. Then, since he was unable to fight at the center, he canceled the Land Acquisition Bill at the state level.

The second step is this new step. These three laws are the laws to eliminate farmers. I will narrate to you an anecdote so that you understand this. A few years ago, I was in conversation with a very senior leader and he had talked to Modi ji about the farmers and this is what he told me about that conversation – it would help you to know the mind set of Narendra Modi Ji. In that conversation, the leader of Narendra Modi Ji said that if we do not protect the farmers, then the country will suffer. Narendra Modi Ji replied that if wheat and rice are not being grown properly in India, then we can buy them from Brazil, we can import. This is a fundamental misunderstanding. The question is who gave independence to this country. Ambani-Adani have not given freedom to this country, the farmers have and that too, by bleeding sweat. And now I am not talking about today, independence was achieved in ‘47, but who maintained that independence? Independence has been maintained by farmers of India, because the moment the food security of this country goes under the carpet, the independence of this country will evaporate. That onslaught has begun. On one side stand Narendra Modi Ji and his two-three industrialist friends and on the other side stands India. The thing is that media today does not pick up these issues and so India does not understand this. Farmers understood that their freedom was slipping away so they immediately stood up to fight for their rights, but India still does not understand this. India does not understand that if farmers lose their freedom, if farmers lose their rights, then the next in line will be the middle class, the workers, the IT professionals. So, the main thing is the need to nip in the bud.

Now, let us talk about employment and about whatever the UPA did, the economic growth rate that we had given, got millions of people out of poverty, got them employed. I want to ask you, what is the economic condition of India today? The youth is unemployed. Narendra Modi ji says that corona caused an irreparable loss. Losses had occurred already. The loss is the same and it will have to be understood by the youth of India, if not today then tomorrow. I will keep reiterating unless they understand. Narendra Modi and his two-three industrialist friends are going to take away from you what is rightfully yours. These three laws were imposed on the farmers. Wherever you see, be it in media, be it in IT, be it in retail, be it in power, look at the whole of India, you will only see 4-5 selected people. Nobody else seem to exist apart from 4-5 big businessmen and Narendra Modi; no farmers, no laborers, no business people. Exclusively, these 5 people are running the airports, courts, everything and who is letting them do so - Narendra Modi. This is the truth and Narendra Modi does not understand India, because Narendra Modi thinks that farmers are vulnerable and powerless. Do you know what is happening right now and my farmer brothers will have to understand this! Their time is being wasted, they are being exhausted, they have been seated there and Modi Ji thinks that there is no power in the farmers, he thinks that the farmers will retract within a few days because Narendra Modi ji does not respect farmers; not even at the most basic level. He thinks that if he keeps the farmers’ agitation prolonged, they will run away, will be scared and will go away within a few days. Narendra Modi ji, the farmer of India will not be afraid, will not move, he will remain seated. You will have to run instead.

On another question that a big debate has arisen about the farmers who are talking about parading on the 26th? Shri Rahul Gandhi asked if the debate has occurred. What is the debate which is happening in India? There is only one loudspeaker, the entire media is there, Narendra Modi speaks in it, what kind of a debate is going on? There is no debating. If the farmer wants to go out and parade, what is wrong with that?

On a question that there have been more than a hundred deaths. Narendra Modi tweets if democracy is attacked in America, but there is no tweet from the Prime Minister about a hundred deaths, what would you say on this? Shri Rahul Gandhi said that I have already said that Narendra Modi neither shows any humanity nor respects the farmer of India. So, it does not concern Narendra Modi Ji if any number of farmers die out there.

On another question Shri Gandhi said that Punjab and Haryana provide food to this country. This country cannot run without food. It is the Prime Minister’s misunderstanding that 3-4 industrialists run this country. It’s highly superficial a thinking. The country is run by people like laborers and farmers. It is the youth who runs the country.

On another question that farmers are also being called terrorists, Shri Gandhi said that let me tell you a simple thing. The structure is very simple, and 3-4 industrialists control the media. You are not at fault in this. I am not saying that it is your fault. You are from Punjab, he is from Haryana, many are from Tamil Nadu, you are not at fault. Your structure is controlled from behind the curtains. Whateverthe handful of industrialists want, it is that which is shown on your media channels. There is no debate. There was no debate in the parliament. They sayonly that what they want you to convey, it is a simple matter. But this illusionary paradigm will crumble for sure.

In response to another question asked about the four-member committee instituted by the Supreme Court, Shri Gandhi said that have you heard about ‘Illusion’? It’s all illusion. This entire media is a created illusion and it is about to be blown apart and the day this happens, you will see the outcome yourself.

On another question that the Union Minister says that we will amend it in every way possible, but the Act will not be repealed, how do you perceive that, Shri Gandhi said that I am telling you that this thing has just begun. I am telling you that the laws will be repealed because these ministers, they do not know the power of the farmers of India, they are not going to back down. Narendra Modi Ji must understand that these farmers are not going to budge. This is India, India never backs down. He himself will have to retreat; if not today then tomorrow. Neither the farmers are not going to budge an inch nor is the Congress party going to withdraw, we are also standing with them.

On another question that the government is saying that these laws are right and that it is exerting full force to favor it, how do you see this, Shri Gandhi said that I repeat, this is an attack on the farmers and if anyone attacks the farmers of India, he attacks the whole of India. This is a financial matter. This is not a political matter. Narendra Modi wants to give to 3-4 industrialists what rightfully belongs to farmers. In return, those 3-4 industrialists give media to Narendra Modi. If Narendra Modi Ji does not do this, then Narendra Modi Ji’s media will be gone, it is as simple as anything. Poor Narendra Modi Ji has no choice because he is trapped himself as the controller is someone else. He is the Prime Minister of the country, but the remote control is in the hands of other people. I pity him for he is trapped and helpless. He is the Prime Minister no doubt but only a nominal one. There has been someone else who operates, it is a simple matter. The farmers have come to understand all this, but the youth has got to understand this still. The other people have not understood, but they will for sure. Ask those who are small traders, who is running the country? Narendra Modi is not running the country, but the 3-4 industrialists are, they know everything.

On another question that 8-9 rounds of negotiations have been done, the government is saying that there is no flaw in the law, we are not going to take it back, then why is this discussion happening? Shri Gandhi said that discussions are being held for the purpose of delay. Because it is in Narendra Modi’s mind that he will exhaust the farmers. The farmers do not have any power, we have power in our hands, we have police, we have intelligence, we have everything, they (farmers) have nothing. This is a misunderstanding in the mind of Narendra Modi.

On another question that the government is denigrating the agitating farmers as Khalistanis, Shri Gandhi said that now the farmers of the country have become Khalistanis. It’s totally unintelligent. Lakhs of people, millions of farmers have come out, you are calling them Khalistanis. You should be ashamed of yourself. The farmers’ sons are the ones who are guarding our borders. Is Narendra Modi standing at the border from where China has sneaked into our land? Narendra Modi, in fact, did not say anything. China has encroached upon thousands of kilometers of our land. Whose sons are standing there guarding our borders? Are they Khalistanis? What are you talking about?

In response to another question, Shri Gandhi said that see, the Congress did everything. But let me tell you one thing, the Congress party did everything. Congress party gave independence, Congress party established institutes, I accept this thing, I am not against it. My main point is that these three laws will be canceled.