‘Do Your Job’: Shri Rahul Gandhi Reacts to PM Modi’s Parliament Speeches

New Delhi: Congress leader reacted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches in parliament saying that the latter could criticize the opposition party but should also do his “job”. “If you like abusing the Congress and Nehru, be my guest but do your job,” Shri Rahul Gandhi said.

Replying to the Motion of Thanks on President’s Address, PM Modi on February 8, 2022, continued his attack on Congress and chose the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Shri Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister was afraid of Congress as it spoke the truth.

“My great grandfather (India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru) served this country. He gave his entire life to this country. So, I don’t need anyone’s certificate for my great grandfather,” Shri Rahul Gandhi told reporters.

He said that the Prime Minister did not address the three key issues raised by him in the Lok Sabha: the growing economic divide and the creation of two India-s; regular attack on independent institutions and a foreign policy that has brought Pakistan and China together.

There is a little bit fear inside as the Congress speaks the truth. They (BJP) have a network of friends who do their marketing and spread lies. But there is side and it was visible in Parliament. His entire speech of him was criticizing Congress, Jawaharlal Nehru but Prime Minister did not say about the promises made by the BJP”, Shri Rahul Gandhi said.