Rahul Gandhi’s open letter to farmers: A promise for support in future struggles

Congress leader Shri Rahul Gandhi has written an open letter to the farmers on November 19, 2021, in which the former President of the Grand Old Party has congratulated the protestors on their “historic victory” and assured Congress’ support in future struggles. Here is the complete text of his letter.

Letter from Shri Rahul Gandhi to Annadata farmer-labourer

My dear Annadatas,

Many congratulations on the historic victory achieved on the basis of your perseverance, struggle and sacrifice. The Satyagraha that you have won to get all the three anti-farming black laws abolished, in spite of the freezing cold, scorching heat, rain, all the troubles and atrocities for approximately last twelve months, is unprecedented in the history of independent India. I bow down to the sacrifices made by more than 700 farmer-labourer brothers and sisters in your struggle.

Fighting the arrogance of an autocratic ruler, the Gandhian way in which you forced him to withdraw his judgment, is a perfect example of the triumph of truth over falsehood.

Today, on this historic day, we remember those martyr farmer-labourer brothers and sisters, who strengthened this Satyagraha by sacrificing their lives. I wish this would not have happened if the Central government had paid attention to the demands of the farmers in the beginning itself.

Friends, the struggle is not over yet. Giving remunerative Minimum Support Price (MSP) of agricultural produce, abolishing the controversial Electricity Amendment Act, reducing the burden of tax imposed on everything used in agricultural holdings, reducing the unexpected increase in diesel prices and finding a solution to the debt burden on the farm labourers, are some of the serious matters of struggle of agricultural farmers. I assure all of you that just like in the present movement, even in future, I and every Congress worker will raise your voice, supporting you completely in all your legitimate struggles.

I demand from the Prime Minister that farmers understand the best their profits and losses. Do not ever dare to prove yourself right by conspiring to make a farmer a slave in his own farm by joining hands with a few capitalists.

Rather, the Prime Minister should ensure doubling of farmers’ income by the year 2022 as per his own promise. For this, he should also release the roadmap of future plans as soon as possible. The Prime Minister must not forget that power is a medium to serve. Plunder, stubbornness and arrogance have no place in any democratic system of governance.

Once again, I congratulate my farmer-labourer brothers and sisters from the bottom of my heart on this historic victory!