BJP government is myopic and poses a serious threat to democratic values

The BJP-led NDA government completed two years in office in May, 2016. The PM, ecstatic and resting on laurels of having registered the ‘so-called’ mammoth achievements, called in the parliamentary Party meeting in Delhi and nearly admonished the Party MPs for their utter failure to create awareness among the masses about the stories of success, this government claims to have achieved. The party workers are agog with anxiety thinking with what face they should go to the people. There is a simmering discontent against Modi government all around the country. It was corroborated by a member of surveys that the party has so far done pretty little to boast of.

The globally hyped-popularity of PM Narendra Modi is plummeting uninterrupted. The Modi wave is on wane. Have Modiji, his party and ministers done any good thing for the country except selling the dream. The survey of Modi’s government’s two-year term will expose this brutal reality.

It’s a part of the democratic process for any party to win election and come to power or lose the mandate and sit in the opposition. The parties, which believe in democracy, give momentum to the economic growth by safeguarding the interests of the common people, provide fillip to federal set-up of the democracy and that of the unity of the country, when they come to power. If the elections are lost, a party must act like standing guard at the gate protecting interests of the common masses.

The history of the Congress Party is the story of adherence to the high moral and ethical pedestal in public life. The BJP is fundamentally different in character. The reason is quite simple; it is born with dictatorial inheritance which is bound to come out in the open once the power is grabbed. But the BJP guys too sometimes deserve pity as their real ring masters sit around 1500 kms far off Delhi, yet they can’t dare dance to the music of their own liking. What a magical connection is this, by the way, that the tune is set in Nagpur and the dance floor erupts in instant frenzy in Delhi. Thanks to the vice-like grip of the Sangh Parivar that the culture of political puppetry is still alive in India

The Indian leadership is in all practical purposes like puppets with strings pulled by ringmasters sitting in Nagpur. They do not have any belief in democratic institutions and values. A master dream seller that our PM Narendra Modi is virtually known for now was handed over the command of electioneering. coming to a pension who is master in marketing dream, who is expert in driving people into utopia through linguistic jargon and cajoling ‘Mann ki Baat’ camouflaging his real side of nurturing dictatorial thinking. That person is Narendra Modi.

Modiji took of the BJP’s elections committee in 2014 and started spreading the trap through public rallies holding out tall promises and sale of dreams. Unfortunately, poor men fell prey to his ruse. The Modi government and its failures the BJP-led NDA government and that of Modiji’s are two sides of the coin. Modiji coined various populist slogan and started using them to woo the voters during the elections campaigns, ‘Achhe Din Aayenge’ (Good days will come), Black Money waapas aayega aur har Hindustani ke khate me 15 lakh jama kiye jayenge (The black money will be brought back and 15 lakhs will be deposited in the bank account of every Indian), Do Karor Ladkon ko har saal Rojgaar milega (that two-crore youths will get employments every year) and that farmers will get 50% benefits in addition to the support price of their products etc… were slogans shouted by the BJP during election campaigning to win over the gullible common masses. People believed in him and Modiji became the PM of India.

But only after a few months had elapsed when Modi government started showing its true colours. Not a single penny came to India. Instead of it, around Seven thousand crores of black money was siphoned off from India in connivance with the public sector banks. Shockingly, when the issue was raised BJP Chief Amit Shah did not feel any qualm in declining that the issue of bringing black money back was an just an ‘election plan.’

The biggest promise made by Modiji of granting employment to about two crore of youths every year that virtually tilted the electoral results in the BJP favour has proved to be a farce. It came to light when this government issued figures on its own showing that only a handful of youth could get employment. The same result is to be found on the corruption front. Despite the stiff resistance of the opposition about the corruption ruling the roost in the BJP- ruled states like MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, Modiji did nothing except maintaining a stoic silence. House is being looted and its mukhiya is snoring

The Vyapam scandal in Madhya Pradesh has been one of the worst scams India has ever seen where lakhs of crore changed hands and dozens of those associated in it were mysteriously killed but no trace of killers could have been spotted so far. Vyapam mega scandal grabs a position of pride among the biggest scandals of free Indian history. About 50 people were killed and thousands of talented youths were deprived of their bright future. The scandal grabbed international attention and everywhere the demand to oust Shivraj Singh Chauhan was raised but Modi government continued to cover it up same is the case with Raman Singh’s government which has been involved in a number so scandals like paddy scandals, allotment of mining fields as well as the PDS scam. Apart as well as it came in far severe charge of bungling in programmes launched for the welfare of downtrodden and Adivasis, similarly serious allegation of scandal in allotments of mines was leveled against Vasundhara Raje government in Rajasthan on the basis of ample evidence. Vasundhara Raje government distributed mines worth of 45,000 corers among its favourites setting aside all the mandatory process of bidding.

When all these reports of scandal were coming to the fare, right that moment, a report of close proximity between absconding former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi and Vasundhara Raje as well as Sushma Swaraj surfaced. All opposition parties including the Congress pressed the government for prompt actions in the Parliament demanded vociferously a reply from the government on the issue but Modiji maintained took refuse in ‘Mannvrata’ (complete silence). Modiji’s silence is the admission of the fact that planks bandied around during elections had no real value and were meant for only belying the people. His muchhyped style statement of sloganeering that “Na khaunga, Na Khane Dunga (Neither will I will eat or nor will I let anyone to eat public money!)” The smokescreen has vanished into a thin, thin air.

Modiji had promised to bring about ‘good days (Achhe Din)”. For common masses, the good days are when the darkness and inflation are under total control. But the reality is that the daal (pulse) has disappeared without trace from their thaalis (plates). Things are changing for the worst with ferocious speed. It is the achievement of the Modi government.

A nefarious network of brokers, stockiest and black marketers became active and created a cosmetic paucity of things used in everyday life. But Modiji continued to watch the show silently and remained busy in touring foreign countries. In the meantime, the cost of oil seeds continued downslide in the international market and touched the minimum mark but Modiji did not allow the common people to walk away with the benefits accrued due to decreased oil price. It was like, rubbing salt to their wounds. Due to this reason, while the common men of the country comes not be entities from petrol and diesel prices, the freight charges were increased which further increase the worth of inessential commodities.

Having faith to provide relief to the people of the country. Modi government through its two budgets expanded the country of taxes and imposed fresh ones on the people. Price rise and imposition of fresh taxes only drain the poor out and make life misery for the middle class.

The fact is life has been made pitiable for the common people. Just recently, Modi government tried to introduce precarious conditions for the withdrawal of hard-earned money deposited in the EPF by the working class people. This government not only divided to charge tax on the major part of the provident fund but also tired to slice the rank of interest on that. But in the face of stiff resistance from the opposition parties led by the Congress and the growing discontent among the working class people, the government had to take its step back on this issue.

It defies common sense as to why, under whose duress, this government is hell bent upon squeezing the countrymen out of its wealth. The naked fact is this government has been totally incapable of balahandling the economy of this country. The revenue deficit is refusing to stop, the speed of industrial development has come to a standstill. There has been considerable downfall in export, the condition of agriculture sector is also pitiable in such a circumstance, government is finding the only way out of stemming the deficit though extorting from common people.

The economic survey released by the government of India provides the true picture of the economic system. The BJP government decided to have achieved the target of bringing the national deficit down to 3.9%. Now the question arises that if the deficit has been curtailed to the achieved goal, it is the result of the positive moves of the government. The fact is if Rs. 2,20,000 crores has been deposited to the exchequer, is because of the considerable downfall in the raw oil prices in the international market. Do the common men of the country not know about this, from whom was this money recovered!

The economic survey makes it explicit that the Direct Taxes have risen to 34.8%. It is the result of the government of India’s hiking the excise duty due to which the price of the raw oil in May 2014 plumped down from 120 dollar/barrel to 30 dollar/barrel. The direct taxes take the heaviest toll on the common masses.

The worst affect of the spineless policies of Modi’s government is to be found on the poor and the farmers. Instead of giving impetus and a new direction to the economy, Modi government standard slicing away the budgetary allocation for poor and downtrodden like the MNREGA launched by the UPA government. NREGA which remains the country’s most ambitious scheme of providing guaranteed employment to the starving poors of the rural areas, continues to evoke step-motherly treatment from the Modi government. Similarly, there was huge cut in the budget for the Food Securities Act, framed for the poor men of the country as well as the PDS. The country is facing drought for last two years. The people engaged in farming or those who used to get employment are finding themselves in a deep sea. The country is reeling in the grip of murderous draught.

Hordes of people from the rural parts of Maharashtra and Bundelkhand are migrating every day. The attempt of the Modi government to put talks on welfare schemes reflects how insensitive the Modi government is towards fellow countrymen. Pathetically, Modi is yet to be satisfied. The government wants to impose fresh taxes on farmers who are already languishing under the back breaking burden of taxes. It seems Modi government wants to avenge its failure to usurp farmers’ land through the Land Acquisition Bills by imposing these taxes.

The Congress Party worked for decades to foster social tranquility, brotherhood by uniting people in tried to make people submit to the nation. The top leadership of the party has been trying to provide opportunities to people of all hues, communities and beliefs without any discrimination. It worked tirelessly to instill the democratic values among its workers while striving hard to strengthen the secular and democratic values in society in the country. The history provides proof that the Congress Party made all out efforts to percolate the sense of responsibility, significance of the unity, sacredness of democratic values and its institutions as well as the sanctity of the constitution down to the grassroots level. The democracy in this country grew stronger by days due to the untiring efforts of the Congress Party. And today if the Indian democracy is looked up to for emulation, the credit goes to the Congress.

Some developments appear flummoxing. It is intriguing to decode in which direction, the Modi government wants to take the country along? It has been utter failure on the economic fronts, made the hash of the economy Unable to control this economic system in the country, Modi government is hell-bent on ruining democratic values an Indian democracy. The BJP made tall promises during the election campaigns and now finding it different to fulfill those problems this government has move the strategy of why not to diverse the public attention from its failures. To achieve this goal Narendra Modi is encouraging activities alongwith the BJP and the RSS which is threatening to push this country’s social structure and solidarity into danger.

The BJP and the RSS men have never been known for having faith in democratic process, institutions and values, nor do they have in spurious believe in the Indian Constitution as well. What is most disturbing is the fact that their political thoughts itself draw sustenance from communal conscience. They are the people whose thoughts are medieval they are division forces which back to divide people through polarization based on caste, creed, religion and ideology. They have started working at different levels. First of all they started saffronisation of educational institutions and cultural heritage through the Human Resource Development and the Culture & Tourist Ministry.

There has been deliberate attempt to stifle the dissenting voice, which is in total contrast of the character to the constitution. A well thought out conspiracy was launched to change the character of the important educational institutions, which enjoy global recognition and stature as temple of learning. But it did not go down well with the scheme of the saffron ideology and the result was a well-orchestrated crackdown stated at the behest of the PM and spearheaded by his HRD minister Smriti Irani.

Modi government in a very shrewd and subtle manner began appointin its men on the top slots of the country’s premier institutions with a long term objective of pushing through its saffron agenda. Puna-based IIFT topped the list. A small time small screen actor with a few minor roles in Bollywood under his belt was selected to grace the chair of the IIFT’s chairman- Gajendra Chouhan. It raised many an eye brows and it is now common place that the I&B Minister Shri Arun Jaitley is believed to have opposed the move considering the reputation of the institutrion and the mismatched stature of Chauhan for that role. Students unfurled the banner of revolt, boycotted the class and the impasse continues to exist, but Modi government would not budge. Reason: Backtracking even though taking antistudent move- would be tantamount to compromising. And a tough ruler must never take the step back. The future of thousands of students hang in balance with no solution in sight.

Such an intractable attitude in a democratic set up is symptom of despotism and decay started been famed for upholding the democratic values and independent thoughts with a design to bring the world famous institutions under its control to propagate its saffron agenda, The standards of young generation are one biggest assets but Modiji is trying to play with their future as well. First of all, due to his proximity with the Sangh, Gajendra Chauhan was appointed as chairperson of the country’s premier institution FTII, which was vehement by resisted by students. Major opposition parties are opposed it but Modiji did not budge.

Similarly, a dalit student, Rohith Vemula, was tortured by cruelly under false charges that he not drives to commit suicide in Hyderabad Central University. The whole country witnessed demonstrations serious charges were were leveled against two senior central ministers, Dattatrey and Smriti Irani; but all the roars fell on the deaf ears of Modiji Similarly, the incidents at the JNU exposed this government’s anti-students policies and its determination to crush the voice of dissent. The ultra of the Modi government and that of the Sangh Parivar wants to crush the freedom of expression and opinions of the students class.

Narendra Modiji and his government do not understand the meaning of political participation of the student community. This was perhaps the reason why during his Chief Ministerial tenure of Gujarat, he never allowed the students politics to grow in the state. It is clear that Modi led BJP government does not recognize the democratic rights of the students, and want to only use this class as voter bank.

The way Modi government is destroying the Indian Constitution and democratic values are condemnable. It came to the fore when the central government started taking proactive action directed towards toppling the popularly elected governments of Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The government the BJP and its ideological percent, the RSS raise the slogans of nationalism, but the government does pretty little in the national interest. Modiji talks high of safeguarding the borders, but forgets how significant is the this state’s of Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand being the Border states for the security of the country.

Modiji is compromising national security while indulging diplomacy.

Modiji seemed euphoric after sipping tea with American President Barak Abama and behaved exuberantly as if in the blaze of glory; but he forgot that diplomacy has no place for emotion. He tried to be friend Nawaj-Shrief forcibly and result was Pakistan terrorists attacking our airbase in Pathankot. Despite strong registrant from main opposition parties, Modi government allowed Pakistan investigators to enter the hyper sensitive area of Pathankot airbase from the security point of view. But the conference was that Pakistan refused to talk and imputed blame on India instead. Modi fiasco in diplomacy was highlighted by his failure to impress on China and at a time when the entire world is getting united on the upon of terrorism, China refused to treat Azhar Masood as a terrorist, who has been a master conspirator again India. China is banning India’s access to it in all forms within it containing China, despite the latter making deeply hurting Indian trade and escalating fire power across the Indian costal borders, India has been sitting idle.

Narendra Modi after sipping tea with Obama forgot thje basic tenets that diplomatic gestures does not yield favourable results in diplomatic bargaining. Obama was swept over by the charm of American President and seemed to have developed the false impression that he would be able to enlist Obama’s support in nailing Pakistan. But the result turned out to be just opposite. Despite the warmth and bonhomie between the two, Obama felt no qualms in declaring America continuing its all out military and economic assistance to Pakistan. Despite the fact the Russia has been India’s well-wisher for decades, Modi government is making mistake in not retaining the warmth and bonhomie of diplomatic ties. India and Nepal have been friends for countries. It’s crucially significant to have Nepal as a closest partner, but Modi government has failed on this count as well. Nepal President, Manorma Devi Bhandari cancelled her proposed Indian tour and even called back its ambassador from India.

UPA government had strengthened national commerce through free-trade. Economic survey proved that trade and commerce never got the kind of momentum, than it had got under the UPA government after its agreement with FTA countries. But Modi government did not participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Trade and investment. TPP owns 40% of world’s GDP and 33% of the world trade participation. The export of small country like Bangladesh and Vietnam is growing while that of India is decreasing. In December, 2014 the total export of India was works 239 million dollar, which decreased by 18% and in 2015, it was passed at 198 million dollar. During the last financial year, from April to October, the export in for engineering sector came down by 11%. Similarly, the export of goods and Jewelries, which claimed 13% of the total export, has touched a new law of 7%.

It has become crystal clear from the above facts and figures that Modi government has failed to understand the diplomacy and international trade. Not only is our economic system is at stakes, but our security is also at risk the top leaders of the congress party have made untold sacrifices and have been trying hard for decades to propagate a sense of brotherhood and communal solidarity. The Congress Party has been untiringly trying to fulfill the vision of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and to bring the press Dalits of the country into the mainstream of national life. But Modiji has been trying to scuttle our efforts. The country is witnessing spurt in intolerance. The scholars and writers of this country are suffocating and in an attempt to ventilate it decided to return the rewards they had earned at different time periods in a way to express anguish at the increasing incidents of intolerance in the country. But they began to be tortured and their confidence is breaking down. The scholars are returning their awards in protest against intolerance but Modi government is refusing to understand the meaning of symbolic resistance, because its thinking is medieval and it has been trying to promote, patronize and pamper such thinking one can get to know the standard of thoughts of Modi government.

Modiji declared Ambedkar to be his ideal on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, but the works being done by Modi government are in sharp contrast to Ambedkarji’s. Modi government conspires to topple the democratically elected been BJP governments. Ambedkar had storng belief in economic planning and public life. Modi government wants to usurp this heritage but it abolished the planning commission and is ruining the public sector.

Ambedkar was fully committed to the democracy in which right to contest elections formed the core. But what Modi government did. It remained busy in framing rules which prevented 80% women of the scheduled castes, tribes and OBCs from contesting local bodies elections in the states ruled by the BJP like Haryana and Rajasthan, On the one hand Modi government claims from the top of its voice that it is committed to fulfilling the dream of Ambedkar, as the other, it is cutting the budgetary allocation for SC Special Component Plan, Tribal Sub- Plan, Mid-Day Meals and Anganwadi. The ideological guardians of the BJP government are vehemently opposed to the reservation policy and dictating terms while sitting over in Nagpur. It reflects the fact that the BJP government showing lachrymose concern for the poor, exploited, downtrodden and dalit underdogs with purely materialistic intentions.

It is clear from the above facts that BJP government is myopic and poses a serious threat for democratic values as it has failed on all fronts social, economic, democratic and diplomatic