Two years of NDA Government DAM P SQUIB

The last two years have seen a dull and dark shadow creep over India. In 2014, people gave Shri Narendra Modi a sweeping mandate. By 2016, they have been left bewildered and confused. Instead of the promised ‘Achche Din,’ they are witnessing a systematic attack on India’s institutions, icons and inclusiveness.

As the second year of the Modi Government draws to a close, sadly, there is little to celebrate. India’s economy spirals further downward. The Government proclaims 7.6% GDP growth, but experts and common men both wonder why nobody feels or experiences it. Job growth, industrial output, and exports are all plunging downwards.

Inflation, rural distress, drought and low farm incomes are making life miserable for the Kisaan and Khet Mazdoor. Investor confidence in India is down and the forecast is gloomy. India was gifted windfall due to low crude oil prices. Yet, instead of using these savings to boost the economy, Modi Sarkar chose to fill its coffers by increasing excise duties and indirect taxes, at a high cost to the ‘Common Man’. Performance mapping of the last two years demonstrates that this Government is only about unrealistic promises and impossible targets. The first year focused on merely re-naming Congress programs and executing policy U-turns. On crucial legislation like the GST, which had been piloted by the Congress party, the Government continues to drag its feet at the instance of the RSS. Shri Modi’s self-centric attempts at foreign diplomacy have failed miserably. Important nations like Russia and USA are reaching out with open arms to Pakistan. Relations with Nepal are at an all-time low. China brazenly counters India on international fora, while Pakistan makes the Modi Sarkar dance a dizzying spiral of U-turns. Democracy has been shamelessly subverted. Instead of cooperative federal i sm, Mod i Sarkar dismissed elected governments in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh. Even the High Court and the Supreme Court severely indicted the Union Government for its deliberate denigration of democracy and the Constitution. The country watched in horror as the Government clamped down on students and universities. As a result, a young Dalit scholar, Rohith Vemula died tragically. Doctored videos were used to target student leaders who opposed the RSS’s ideology. The Government today even dictates - what you watch, eat, speak or wear. Muscled thugs impose their ideas of morality and lynch mobs kill people on mere suspicion. BJP leaders spew venomous messages of hate and violence to question the patriotism of every Indian who disagrees with them. Two years ago, the people of India fell for Modi ji’s web of deceit woven around good governance and development. After two years, deep disappointment of people is loud and clear across the nation. The tragedy is that people of India need to wait for three more years to put the ‘Bure Din’ of the Modi Sarkar behind them.

Agriculture & Agrarian Crises Kisan Virodhi, Narendra Modi!

Farmers, Farm Labour and Rural India have paid the heaviest price for electing the BJP and Shri Narendra Modi. The insensitivity and callousness of Modi Government is reminder of the exploitative British regime, with successive tragedies unfolding in the form of droughts, unemployment, poverty and suicide owing to Government apathy. Agriculture sector accounts for 48.9% of total employment (NSSO 2011-12) in the country.

Declining Agriculture Growth Rate Two years of Modi Government have witnessed the lowest rate of agriculture growth indicating the poor state of India’s ‘Annadata’. During the ten years (2004-2014) of Congress Government, rural India and farmers were at the centre of governance which led to improvement in the lives of farmers and development of hitherto backward regions. Declining Food Production and yield - India’s Food Security under Threat Food Grain Production has declined during two years of Modi

Government from 265 Lakh MT in 2013-14 (Congress) to about 253 Lakh MT in 2015-16. Food Grain yield has similarly seen considerable decline as per chart below There has been a similar decline in production of cotton, oilseeds and Jute. A close look at the table shows Modi Government’s apathy towards agriculture, also reflected by the

Food Security of India is being jeopardized by Modi Government’s neglect of rural economy.

Hoarders and Black Marketers are having a field day as people suffer.

decrease in acreage and per hectare production. There has been a steady decline in food grain and other essential crop production.

· Area under food grain cultivation came down from 1250 Lakh hectare under Congress Government to

1200 Lakh hectare under Modi Government.

· Per hectare production fell from 2,142 Kg/hectare in 2013-14 to 2,082 Kg/hectare under NDA Government

· Cultivation acreage for pulses declined from 252.1 Lakh hectare to 230 Lakh hectares and production went down from 785 Kg/hectare to 753 Kg/hectare.

· Pulses production dipped from 192.5 Lakh Tonnes in 2013-14 to 171.5 Lakh Tonnes in 2014-15.

· Nation is reeling under immense spiraling prices of Pulses that are being sold at around Rs 200/kg

Minimum Support Price On one hand, PM Modi chants ‘Anna Data Sukhi Bhava’ and diabolically stabs the farmers by giving him Un-remunerative prices. MSP has seen a paltry increase of 0.0 to 4.00% Indebted Farmers, Insensitive Government! · 52% of India’s farmers are in debt with an average debt burden of Rs 47,000 (according to NSSO survey in 2015)

· As stated by Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, the total outstanding credit of public sector banks stands at Rs 46.5 lakh Crore as on March 20, 2015. The outstanding loans to agriculture and allied activities stood at Rs 6.48 lakh Crore. Against this the outstanding loan to industry was Rs 21.32 lakh Crore.

The Supreme Court expressed dismay at Rs 1,14,000 Crore of corporate loans being written off by banks since 2013-14, perhaps the largest write-off in a period of 48 months. On the other hand, farmers are committing suicides due to burden of debt. Why is Modi Government not giving relief to the vulnerable farmer?

Severe Drought and Modi Government’s Callous Indifference This is the second consecutive year when India is reeling under severe drought. Nearly 40% of India’s population is plagued with a grave agrarian and drinking water crisis, and it takes the Modi ji had chanted a solemn promise- “If Bhartiya Janta Party comes to power then Minimum Support Price would be determined at cost of production + 50% profit”.

Replying to a PIL in the Supreme Court, BJP Government took a shameful ‘U’ turn and replied on oath that cost of production +50% profit can never be given to the farmer Supreme Court to direct the snoozing Modi Government to take basic relief measures in order to help the farmers. Farmers had to suffer untimely rains and hailstorm during Feb-April 2015 and continued drought situation this year have further compounded their worries. There is complete apathy of Modi Government towards them.

Untimely rains and hailstorms affected 181 Lakh hectare cropped area in 14 states in the months of Feb-April 2015, a fact accepted by the Minister of Agriculture in Lok Sabha. Prime Minister reduced this by 75 Lakh hectares to 106 Lakh hectares after discussion with the Chief Secretaries of states. Estimated crop loss due to untimely rains and hailstorms during Feb-Apr 2015 is as follow: · The above chart indicates that farmers lost 86.3 Lakh tone food grains worth Rs. 15,777 Crore. Similarly, 14.1 lakh tones oilseeds worth Rs. 4,676 Crore were lost, taking the total loss to Rs. 20,453 Crore. · BJP Government’s indifference can be gauged from the fact that while states demanded Rs. 41,722 Crore as Central Assistance for drought, Modi Government released a mere Rs. 10,273 Crore for 10 states. Failing Safety Net Modi Sarkar has announced that 50 additional days of employment will be offered under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA over the mandated 100 days, in the drought affected regions. However, the reality is that not even 50 days of employment is being offered, as the chart below shows: Negligence on the part of BJP Government can be gauged from the fact that fund unavailability has limited the percentage of families availing even 100 days of work to mere 11.6%. BJP Government has a poor track record of offering even 100 days of employment.

The wages paid under MGNREGA increased by 9% every year during Congress Government. Modi Government has drastically reduced MGNREGA wage rate increase to a mere 3.8%, thereby disempowering the poor. Farmer Suicide: A Monumental Tragedy · 2,996 farmers have committed suicide in the year 2015 out of which 1841 are from Maharashtra · 6,710 Farm Labourers’ committed suicide due to recession in the agricultural sector Taking False Credit for Congress initiatives

· Neem Coated Urea Scheme : This is being publicized as a new invention of the Modi Sarkar that will increase land productivity and stop Urea’s diversion to nonagricultural usage like alcohol production. However,

Modi Government is busy publicizing that the schemes linked to agrarian sector such as Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, Deendayal Upadhyay Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana, Soil Health Card, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Vikas Yojana and Neem Coated Urea Scheme etc are the Prime Minister’s brain waves. While the truth is that they are nothing but blatant attempts at plagiarism.

the truth is that the scheme was started by Congress in 2011, and upto 35% Urea was Neem coated. · Deendayal Upadhyay Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana: Truth is that Modi Sarkar changed the name of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana. Infact Congress Government had electrified 1,12,287 villages in 11th 5-Year plan (2007-12). 12,486 villages were to be electrified in 12th 5-Year plan (2012-17), substantial work on which had already been completed.

· Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojna: Modi Sarkar rechristened Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP) which has been operational since 11th 5-Year Plan (2007-12).. Under this, 67,477 Crore had already been spent by Congress Government to create 94 Lakh Hectare irrigation potential. · Organic Farming: 10 plans like National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana and National Project on Organic Farming etc. had already been in operation since Congress Government’s tenure aimed at achieving the goals of Organic farming. Soil Health Cards & Laboratory Congress Government launched the Soil Health Card scheme in 2008-09 and 5 Crore cards had been issued till March 2012.

The system for soil testing was introduced by the Congress Government. As per records dated 31-03-2014, there are 1,411 laboratories for examination of soil in the country. This Government is asserting that new laboratories would be opened, but so far not a single new laboratory has been added

Crashing Agricultural Exports – Plunging Farm Incomes · An increase of 600% was seen in the export of agricultural products during the tenure of the Congress Government. · As compared to 42.6 billion USD in 2013-14, Agricultural Exports fell to 32.52 billion USD in 2015-16 a dip of around 25%. Jumlanomics: The Story of Economic Mismanagement A fictitious GDP figure; ground realities differ from the hype

Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘the soul of India resides in its villages’. Modi Government’s disdain towards rural India proves the stark reality of the slogan –“ Kisan Virodhi, Narendra Modi’ !

The Union Government has been reduced to mere sloganeering, renaming schemes, appropriating Congress success stories (such as Aadhaar, DBT etc.) and making hollow claims. The Modi Sarkar’s inability to leverage the historically low crude oil prices reveals its overall incompetence and inherent inability to manage the Indian economy.

Officially, the economy grew at 7.3% in 2014-15 and 7.6% in 2015-16 based on the new method of GDP calculation. But, there is broad skepticism about the reality of this data. · Even the Governor of the RBI and the Government’s Chief Economic Adviser expressed discomfort with the official growth data. Experts all across believe the actual growth rate is in the neighborhood of 5.5%. Vanishing Jobs- Rising Unemployment Turning Demographic Dividend into a Liability

· Shri Narendra Modi promised 20000000 (2 Crore) jobs every year. Modi Government’s constant resort to Jumlebaazi is nothing but a desperate spin to hide its luminous underperformance. A dispassionate assessment reveals serious weaknesses in the Indian economy, affecting all major sectors. Income inequalities are worsening, unemployment is rising, the rural economy is struggling for breath, farmers are being driven to suicide and the middle-class is getting crushed. There are ominous signs suggesting a prolonged slowdown that India is increasingly finding difficult to recover from.

Instead only 1,34000 (1.34 Lakh) jobs have been created, according to the official figures of Ministry of Labour, GOI. There was actually a decline of 20,000 jobs in 8 key industrial sectors between Oct-Dec, 2015. This is the slowest pace of job creation since 2009.

· Even the President of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, an affiliate of the BJP, admits that “no Government policy has been visible till now to arrest workforce reduction and generate new jobs”. · The nation is staring at a huge unemployment crisis with 10-12 lakh young people joining the labour force each month. Leave apart creating 10 Crore jobs in 5 years, Modi Government will add 6 Crore youth to the unemployment queue by 2019. Spiralling Inflation - Skyrocketing Prices– Poor in Peril While falling global crude and commodity prices have provided the Government with eyewash of low WPI (Wholesale Price Index), the average Indian continues to be at the receiving end of high food prices making even basic Daal-Roti unaffordable. · In 2015, prices of vegetables and pulses shot up like never before. Tur/Arhar dal continues to sell at around Rs. 200 per KG. · In August 2015, wholesale onion prices reached a record high. More recently, onion prices have crashed completely. While on one hand, the consumer is

The budget for the much flaunted ‘Skill India’ is even far below the demand of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) that asked for Rs. 8,062 Crore in 2016-17 and received a paltry sum of Rs.1,804 Crore - less than 1/4th of the amount. Is this the way to tackle unemployment?

Shocked by this mockery made in allocation of funds for Skill Training, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour observed: “We are surprised that on one hand the Government is publicizing and popularizing the skill development initiatives, whereas on the other hand no fund has been allocated to impart skill training under the Skill Development Initiative scheme.”

crushed, on the other hand the farmers are getting bankrupt Electrifying lie on providing power to villages - Power Minister’s Press Conference in Delhi witnesses 3 Power Cuts! · Modi Sarkar’s claim to have electrified more than 7,000 of 18,452 unelectrified villages in the last financial year is a blatant lie.

· Of the 7,000 villages said to be electrified, 3,604 have been marked — “Village found electrified during the survey” — which means they were already electrified when the GVAs (Grameen Vidyut Abhiyanta) made their first visit. This suggests that the Centre’s list of 18,452 unelectrified villages — prepared in consultation with State Governments — was an overestimate. More importantly, it highlights the Government’s ability to lie with ease as it takes credit for work it did not do.

Oil Prices – BJP Profiting at the cost of Common Man. International Crude Oil Prices have come down by 55.20% since the Modi Government took over on May 26, 2014.

The price of crude was $108.05 on May 26, 2014, while the price of international crude was $48.41 on May 20, 2016. The Present Price of Diesel (In Delhi) is Rs 51.67per litre. The Present Price of Petrol (In Delhi) is Rs 63.02 per litre. The Price of Diesel has come down only by 8.9% and Petrol by 11.74% against the reduction in prices of International Crude by 55.20% The Price of Diesel according to the decrease in International Crude prices should be Rs 25.40/ltr. The Price of Petrol according to the decrease in International Crude prices should be Rs 31.99/ltr. Exports tumble 17 months in a row: Manufacturing Crisis looms large · For 17 straight months, exports have crashed. Imports too show a similar trend, indicating a worrying lack of demand, which the Government is even unwilling to acknowledge. · Exports in FY 2013-14 were US $312.35 billion. As against this, exports have declined to an abysmal low of US $205.70 billion i.e a decline of US $106.65 billion or 34% Under PM Modi, India is losing the race to countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Stock Market Volatility – Loss of Life’s Earnings for Small Investors While the Government has gone all out to impress its Suit- Boot friends, the corporate sector remains unimpressed by its economic acumen. Markets have expressed gross no-confidence in the Government. · The Sensex stands over 4000 points lower than it did about a year back. Market volatility has dealt a body blow to small investors wiping out their investment portfolios. Each year, we are told how the Finance Minister’s budgets are going to make the markets go up in a sustained manner. · However, except for speculative increases around these announcements, the trends overall are downward. Top line revenues and corporate earnings have been mostly flat till the last quarter, and there is little sign of a turnaround. Falling Industrial production –Unending Policy Paralysis! · Growth in industrial production plunged to 0.1% in March 2016 due to poor performance of manufacturing and mining sectors coupled with sharp decline in output of capital goods. This is proof that ‘Make in India’ has been an abject flop- The Babbar Sher has been Mewing. The latest Nikkei/Market Manufactur-

ing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell to a fourmonth low of 50.5 in April 2016. · The manufacturing sector, which accounts for over 75% of the index, declined by 1.2% in March 2016 against a growth of 2.7% in same month a year ago.

· Growth continued to elude the critical capital goods sector (which is a crucial intermediate goods producer), which contracted by 9.8% in February 2016.

· With the April-February period showing a decline of 1.4 per cent, the capital goods sector is a reminder that investments are yet to pick-up despite tall claims. · It is hardly surprising that the value of stalled projects stood at a mammoth Rs 9 Lakh Crore (7% of GDP) in early 2015. The situation has since only gotten worse - as of March, 2016 the value of stalled projects stood at alarming Rs 11.36 Lakh Crore. Private investment is flat: Why are PM’s cheerleaders celebrating? · A drop in public and private investments is a major concern for the country’s economic growth. · For all its talk, the BJP Government is failing to deliver in an area that it touted as its biggest strength.

· The Government is fond of boasting about FDI inflows. Net FDI (Foreign Direct Initiative) inflows dropped to a 12-month low of US$1.9 Billion in March 2016 from an average of US$3.1 Billion during the first 11 months of the fiscal.

· Ironically, Indians invested almost US$14 billion outside the country, indicating flight of capital due to lack of confidence in Make in India.

· Foreign institutional investments have seen net outflows of Rs.14,212 Crore in 2015 so far in the current fiscal year, the highest in the last seven fiscal years. Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s) spiral – BJP takes on RBI Governor for trying to improve the situation.

· The Gross Non-Performing Assets of public sector banks increased to 7.3% in December 2015 from 5.43% in March 2015. Despite being repeatedly highlighted b y the RBI Governor, the Government seems to have no structural solution except for a negligible allocation of funds for bank recapitalization Against a requirement of Rs. 500,000 Crore to strengthen PSU bank balance-sheets, BJP has allocated a meager Rs. 25,000 Crore.

· RBI Governor, Shri Raghuram Rajan’s effort to improve the health of Public Sector Banks is being severely questioned by the ruling BJP, with its MPs being unleashed to attack and discredit the intent and integrity of institution of the RBI.

· In 2015, Credit Growth slumped to a 20-year low. The rate of Deposit Growth in Bank is at a 53 year low reflecting contraction in incomes. RSS red flags GST – BJP Deliberately Dithers!

· The BJP has unsuccessfully tried to blame Congress for the GST bill not being passed. The truth is that it is the Congress, who is the architect of GST. · In public interest, Congress wants a cap of 18% on tax rate in the Constitution so that Governments do not burden the Common Man excessively. Why is BJP opposing such a pro-people measure? · It is well known that on account of RSS pressure, the NDA is dilly-dallying and delaying the Bill by refusing to accept three consumer and business-friendly recommendations made by the Congress. · The BJP, which opposed GST for over 9 years led by then CM of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi, is denying Indian business, consumers and the economy huge tax-transparency and efficiency advantage Misplaced Priorities? Corruption & Black Money Mahatma Gandhi: “Mis-governance and corruption always go together” Last two years have witnessed blatant corruption and impropriety against the BJP Chief Ministers, Union Ministers and leaders. Despite empty rhetoric of “Na Khaaunga Na Khane Dunga”, Prime Minister has chosen to brazen it out.

At a time when India should be aggressively going after a greater share of the global economic pie, Modi Government is seeking to achieve fiscal targets through unsustainable means. At a time when we should be promoting big investments in our food supply chain, we are choking off rural demand. At a time when we should be providing major incentives for our small and medium enterprises to modernize and compete globally and employ young people, we are adding to the tax burden of the common man who could drive demand and an upsurge in economy.

“Na Khaaunga Na Khane Dunga” to “Khao Piyo Aish Karo” BLACK MONEY: Have you received Rs.15 Lakh in your bank account yet?

The pre-poll promise of Shri Narendra Modi to bring back the black money estimated at Rs 80 Lakh Crore within 100 days and deposit Rs 15-20 Lakh in every Indian’s Bank Account was perhaps one of his biggest jumlas- admitted as such by none less than the BJP President, Shri Amit Shah. Ground Reality

· The SIT on Black Money that was set up by the Modi Government was after directions from the Supreme Court. It was not a suo moto action by the Government.

· Panama Expose: 500 names have been revealed by the media, but no action has been taken by the Modi Government to investigate the matter in a credible manner through a Supreme Court monitored SIT.

Where has the Rs. 80 lakh Crore of estimated black money you estimated vanished, Shri Modi? In fact, Minister of state for Finance, Shri Jayant Sinha stated in the Rajya Sabha recently that the BJP Government has no estimation of the black money stashed by Indians in foreign countries.

U turn on Amnesty Scheme Shri Arun Jaitley in a written reply to Lok Sabha in December 2014 categorically stated that there was “no proposal to bring general amnesty scheme for declaring undeclared income.” Despite that, Amnesty Scheme was introduced to convert black money into white. The Amnesty Scheme, 2015 of the Modi Government was a total failure. Only 638 numbers of declarations were received under the scheme declaring undisclosed foreign assets amounting to Rs 3,770 Crore. The Prime Minister deliberately misinformed the people of India when he spoke from the Red Fort that Rs.6500 Crore have been recovered under the scheme.

Fair & Lovely Amnesty Scheme, 2016 Even after the failure of earlier amnesty scheme of 2015, Governments attempt to declare another one has aptly been termed by Congress Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi as a ‘Fair & Lovely” scheme. “Those who have black money can pay some tax and simply convert it into white. It’s a Fair & Lovely scheme. Modi ji had promised that he will put people with black money behind bars, now they have come up with way to save those people. Their policy to check black money is nothing but a Fair & Lovely scheme”.