PM Modi Brazenly Celebrating Birthday

Spokesperson: Smt. SupriyaShrinate: She said that it is the Prime Minister’s birthday and from this platform, we wish him a Happy Birthday. We pray for his well-being, but, we do believe that this day is being celebrated in many parts of the country as Unemployment Day, as Anti-Farmer Day, as High Prices Day, as Crippled Economy Day, as winning over your Crony Capitalists Friends Day, as ED- IT- CBI Raid Day, and the Corona Mismanagement Day and data proves how Mr. Modi has failed on all these fronts. India is the youngest nation in the world. We have the maximum number of unemployed people, and the people are unemployed, despite your tall promises. Every successive month, jobs are being lost. Where are those 2 crore annual jobs, one would want to ask? Why are 61 lakh government jobs lying vacant?

Farmers have been protesting for 9 long months, where is the solution? High Prices of gas, diesel, petrol, edible oil, pulses, daily essential items, which is why, people are finding it very tough to make both ends meet. Demonetization and GST crippled the Economy. Shut down MSMEs, shut down middle size businesses and today as a result, the investment in the consumption chain is completely broken, but what you have done successfully is, put India on sale for a few friends of yours and which is why, it is important that we are calling it the ‘PunjipatiPoojan Divas’.

During Corona crisis, we had a shortage of vaccines, we had a shortage of oxygen, essential drugs and all this, because you were too busy electioneering and the red flags were being manipulated to suit you and your image and of course, the blatant use of ED,IT,CBI, as your frontals have broken the very framework of our Constitution and they have hurt the very foundation of our democracy and which is why, the ‘ED- IT-CBI Raid Divas’ is perhaps an apt coinage here.

Here are 7 things that we would want to talk about. This list is exhaustive now, there are many more issues, but, for now, we will stick to these 7 and we hope and pray that God gives you the wisdom to realize that this is what you have led the country to. This is where you have failed and today as a result, India is paying a heavy price for it. Friday, September 17, 2021