A Report on CWC Meeting

A meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held on 22nd January, 2021, through video conferencing. Hon’ble Congress President and former Congress President, Shri Rahul Gandhi & former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and all our Chief Ministers and the members of Working Committee were present in that meeting. During the three-hour long important meeting of this working committee, we had a detailed discussion about the ongoing farmers’ agitation, which is paining the real soul of the country. Already 60 days are over, the Government is still in an indifferent mood towards the farmers’ agitation. Therefore, Congress Party, the CWC 22nd January, 2021 unanimously decided to stand in strong solidarity with the farmers throughout the country. We passed the resolution in this regard. Also, the CWC formulated some top-to-bottom level action plan for supporting the farmers’ agitation.

The way in which the Government is treating our Annadatas is actually an insult to the farmers and dishonour to the country itself. Entire country’s food security is dependent upon our Annadatas, but, the Central Government is totally insensitive to this. Congress Party has undertaken a series of agitations in favour of the agitating farmers at our Congress organization level. The CWC has urged each-and-every congressman, from top-to-bottom, to be involved in this massive agitational programme. We have decided to hold block level demonstrations or Sammelans throughout the country before February 10, followed by District level agitation and conventions throughout the districts of the country before February 28.

Finally, at State level, there will be a massive convention before February 28 of this year to show solidarity with the farmers. Definitely, the Parliament session is coming from January 29 onwards. Joining hands with the other like-minded parties, the Congress Party will stand against this Anti-Farmer legislation and will put pressure on the Government to withdraw, to repeal these three Anti-Farmer Acts.

All the three resolutions were passed by the Working Committee. Besides these resolutions, the Working Committee discussed about the organizational election process as well. Central Election Authority of the Indian National Congress has already given a schedule for conducting election in the month of May, but, all the CWC members unanimously requested the Congress President that it (CP election) should not affect the election prospects of the Congress Party in assembly elections, though, a little rescheduling will be needed for the Party President Election.

Finally, CWC decided that there will be an elected Congress President latest by June 2021. This little change of schedule depending upon the State Assembly Election will be decided very soon. Therefore, I am repeating that there will be a new elected Congress President in June 2021.