Empowering and Reinvigorating Cadre with Training Camps

The Country is in the middle of a struggle for its soul. The struggle is being fought between two sides with very different ideologies and visions for India. On one side is the Congress Party and all the forces who seek an India for all, as promised by the Constitution. On the other side are the forces who are intent on once again enslaving our people and handing over the Nation to a few interests. If our workers are to be effective in this struggle, they must be clear on the ideologies, politics and issues at stake. The only way to build this capacity in our workers is regular and systematic training.

With this in mind, the Congress President has proposed that the organization conduct regular training camps at all levels of the Organization. This proposal was discussed and formalized in a CWC resolution which instructs that regular training camps be organized at the PCC, DCC and BCC levels. States were asked to complete PCC level training camps in December, followed by DCC level camps in January and BCC level camps in February. To make this happen, under the leadership of the AICC General Secretary in-charge of the Organization, an orientation camp for state training in-charges was organized at Sevagram Ashram, Wardha, Maharashtra. In this very successful camp, 134 delegates from 33 States and Union Territories gathered. Over 4 days, they went over a number of current issues, discussed how training would be conducted in their states and submitted tentative plans for state level training.

It is heartening to note that most states have started actively working on their training camps. Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura and Rajasthan have already concluded their PCC camps and are planning DCC level camps. Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Arunachal Pradesh and Mumbai have scheduled their camps in January.

Workers have been attending camps in large numbers. A number of internal and external experts have shared their guidance. In all the camps conducted so far, the workers have been very enthusiastic and greatly appreciated the training process.

This institutionalization of serious training is sure to be a milestone in the development of the Party Organization.