The Journey of 75 years of Congress Party after independence, narrates the story of modern India

The Journey of 75 years of Congress Party after independence, narrates the story of modern India

Shri Mallikarjun Kharge addressed the Foundation Day celebrations on December 28, 2022, at the AICC Headquarters

Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Shri Venugopal, Shri Pawan Bansal, our steering committee members, senior leaders, MPs, our friends from Seva Dal, all Congress workers and media friends, I congratulate all of you on the 138thFoundation Day of the Congress Party. On this day, i.e. on December 28, in 1885, the foundation of the Congress Party was laid in Mumbai.

Today, the Congress Party has completed 137 years of its existence. The journey of 75 years of Congress Party after independence, narrates the story of modern India. You will find the Congress’ words etched on every successful milestone of India in these years.

This occasion is significant for another reason as this year, the Congress Seva Dal is entering its 100th year. Many congratulations to the friends from the Seva Dal.

Many other countries also became independent around the time of India’s independence. But in many countries, dictatorship took over the reins of power. India not only became a successful and strong democracy, but within a few decades, we became an economic, nuclear, missile and strategic super power. India joined the top countries of the world in the field of agriculture, education, medical, IT and service sectors.

It didn’t happen all by itself. This happened because of Congress’ faith in democracy, because of our ideology of taking everyone along, because of our belief in knowledge and science. It was because of full faith in the Constitution, which guarantees equal rights and equal opportunities to all.

Independent India moved forward because Congress showed the courage to break free the poor, the deprived, the downtrodden communities from the chains; thousands of years old. It was Congress who took a firm resolve to take freedom to every citizen and tried sincerely to move forward in that direction.

Gandhi ji did not see politics as revolving around power, but linked issues like social reform, opposition to untouchability, economic self-reliance, equal rights, opposition to communalism, opposition to male dominance with everyday politics.

Leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Maulana Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose, Kamaraj came forward under the leadership of Gandhiji. The names of women leaders like Sarojini Naidu, Aruna Asaf Ali, Rajkumar Amrit Kaur reached every household.

During the freedom movement itself, the Congress had passed the Karachi resolution and decided what the basic spirit of the Constitution would be and prepared a blueprint for development in independent India by constituting a planning committee.

Due to this preparation, when our nation became independent, it did not disintegrate, but kept on moving forward strongly. It took everyone along and went on. To keep Indian democracy strong, Nehru Ji made 5 out of 14 ministers from non-Congress parties in his first cabinet. This confirms Congress’ principle of taking everyone along.

Protecting India’s borders, protecting India’s social fabric, protecting the rights of all citizens, protecting education-employment for the public and protecting scientific thinking in the country - this is the resolution of the Congress.

During the presidentship of Sonia Gandhi ji, when our UPA government was formed - be it RTI, RTE, Food Security Act, MGNREGA, Forest Rights or Land Acquisition Act - all these have left the impression of Congress ideology on the people and the country.

The basic spirit of India is being continually attacked. Hatred is being perpetrated across the country. People are reeling under inflation and unemployment, but the government pays no heed.

We will have to involve youth and women, marginalized sections, intellectuals to make Congress party inclusive and take them with us to fight against inflation, unemployment and hatred.

This has already started in Rahul Gandhiji’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. Our crores of workers spread across the country have got ‘Sanjivani’ once again. The yatra has shown that the ideology of the Congress is finding tremendous support in the country and this has created panic among our opponents today. We request the countrymen to join this struggle for the better future of India, appeal that they all should join this Yatra.

We are ready to live up to their expectations, we want to give this assurance to the country. With this resolve, I congratulate all of you on the foundation day of the Congress.

Jai Hind! Jai Congress!