Protest against Modi & NDA

New Delhi: Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on 4th November, 2016 did a Protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NDA Government over the issue of “One Rank One Pension” (OROP). The Protest was led by IYC National President, Shri Amarinder Singh Raja. Scores of Youth Congress workers marched from IYC Office (5, Raisina Road) to Prime Minister’s Office but were stopped by police barricading. Water cannons were also used against them. Youth Congress activists also burnt the Effigy of PM and Defence Minister.

The Protest was purported to highlight the plight and suffering of our ex-Soldiers who are being fooled by the Government of the day, the Government has become totally irresponsible, the Soldiers are the pride and honour of our Nation and they are committing suicide because of the behaviour of the current Government, which is shameful and totally unacceptable. Earlier, Modi Govt. was against the Farmer’s and now it has turned to be against the Soldier’s too. Youth Congress stands with the ex- Soldier’s of our Nation and will continue to fight for their Right of OROP.

Youth Congress President Shri Amarinder Singh Raja said that Prime Minister and his Government are trying to fool the people of the Country on OROP, their behaviour and attitude towards our Ex-soldier’s is disrespectful and totally unacceptable, just because of this attitude a soldier has committed suicide and the Government, instead of doing something meaningful, is behaving like a dictator. “In just few hours we have seen that how the Government used police machinery against our leader Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji and even detained him while he was going to visit the family member’s of the ex-soldier (Late Shri Ram Kishan rewal). Not only this the police also arrested his family members and beaten them badly which is not at all acceptable,” he said.

He even said that Prime Minister Modi made tall promises of Acche-Din before the elections. “Are these the acche-din that he was offering to the people of our country,” he asked. “The Government should come out and speak to our Ex- Soldiers and also should tell what is their stand! This type of dictatorial behaviour will not at all be tolerated,” IYC National President Shri Amarinder Singh Raja said.

“The Congress party and IYC will continue to fight this battle of ex-Soldier’s from Street to the Parliament till their demands are fulfilled by the Government,” he said.