Declining Employment Opportunities in the State

Chandigarh: President, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, Kumari Selja said that the condition of the state has become worse in terms of employment. Haryana has reached first place among small states for not providing employment to its youth.

In a statement issued to the media on February 08, 2022, Kumari Selja said that the reports released by the Union Ministry of Rural Development were enough to expose the BJP-JJP alliance government in the state. According to this report, last year 11.6 crore people in the country demanded work under MGNREGA, but 16.3 percent people did not get work. The poor section of the state is suffering a lot.

Kumari Selja said that MGNREGA was a life-saving scheme for the working people living in rural areas, but now under the conspiracy, the Central Government was cutting its budget by 25 percent. She blamed the wrong policies of the state government for the declining employment opportunities in the state.