Demonstration against Price Rise

RANCHI: Chairman of Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Minority Department, Shri Shakeel Akhtar Ansari, attacking the Modi government at the Center, said on March 4, 2021, that the prices of petrol-diesel and cooking gas are being increased every day in the country, due to which the people are quite in trouble. He said that protesting against the rising prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas, we have to organize a nationwide programme to burn effigies of the Modi govt. at the centre. He asked as to why the senior leaders of BJP, who have been protesting during the UPA’s rule, have turned a blind eye to the misfortune of the people of the country during their government today!!

In the programme, senior Congressmen, MLAs, MPs, former MLAs, former MPs of the respective district will also be invited and requested to participate.