Sit-in Demonstration

CHANDIGARH:On March 7, 2021, a sit-in demonstration was held by the Chandigarh Congress against the inflation in Sector 19. Speaking in this protest, Chandigarh Congress President Shri Subhash Chawla said that if the prices of such essential commodities like petrol, diesel, gas etc. keep increasing, then they will soon be out of reach of a common man. On this occasion, Subhash Chawla said that Country’s Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan says that petrol, diesel should be brought under the purview of GST, but they cannot do anything for this, this work comes under the jurisdiction of the GST Council.

On this occasion, former mayor Kamlesh BanarsiDass, Jagjit Singh Kung, Chaman Lal Sharma, Shashi Shankar Tewari, Ram Mehar Indora etc. were present.