Congress President Shri Mallikarjun Kharge's opening remarks at the CWC Meeting in Delhi

• I extend a warm welcome to this Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting. In our first meeting in Hyderabad last month, we pledged to rid the country of divisive politics, strengthen social justice, and provide a responsible and responsive government.

• During the recent special session of Parliament, we saw that the Women's Reservation Bill passed, however, without any consultation or deliberation with opposition parties. This session became yet another example of the government's distraction and diversionary tactics.

• We wholeheartedly supported the bill, but questions remain about its implementation and the exclusion of OBC women.

• We resolve to implement women's reservation, including extending reservation to OBC women, when we come to power in 2024.

• The Prime Minister's absence in Manipur stands in sharp contrast to his frequent visits to the election-going states. His baseless attacks, filled with lies and falsehoods, on the Congress party will only increase in the coming days. It is essential that we counter these falsehoods and create our own counter narrative.

• We have also demanded a nationwide caste-based Census, crucial for effective government programs and welfare schemes.

• As we approach the upcoming assembly elections and general elections, it is important that the party works with meticulous coordination, complete discipline, and unity.

• We must also expedite efforts to highlight government failures and raise concerns affecting the common people.

• Today, our nation faces inflation, unemployment, and the government's failure to implement the Old Pension Scheme. The ruling party's divisive tactics and misuse of autonomous bodies pose a threat to democratic stability.

• In 2024, we must strive to establish a government that addresses these grave challenges and caters to the marginalized, youth, women, farmers, and labourers. Simultaneously, we must address pressing issues like inflation and unemployment while remaining attuned to the people's voices.

• We must propagate the exemplary work of Congress-led state governments and past Congress governments. By highlighting these accomplishments, we can instill faith in the public and inspire a brighter future.

Jai Hind.