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August, 18

The Rapist Support Sangh

That the RSS is the ideological fountainhead of the ruling BJP has meant that its medieval and misogynistic mindset has permeated the ruling BJP’s political culture.

August, 16

Prime Minister Modi’s Tryst with Dishonesty

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to believe that all it takes to convert a lie into a widely accepted truth is to tell it convincingly. Our Liar-In-Chief underestimates the intelligence of Indians everywhere because he actually believes that his gift of the gab will distract us from the gaps in governance. We, the Congress Party, have decided to call his bluff.

August, 14

Freedom Isn’t

The scope of our freedom as individuals is inversely related to the scope of our government to make our decisions for us. We in India find ourselves in a unique position as we approach our seventieth year of independence. We have our hard-won ‘sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic,’ but are we a few acts of parliament away from having our liberties taken from us?

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