February, 13

AAP Government has failed the people of Delhi: Ajay Maken

Addressing a press conference, President of the Delhi PCC Ajay Maken, released the One Year Report Card of Kejriwal Government.Maken said, “We have released a booklet with all the failures of the AAP Government in the One Year Report Card. The key sections of the Report Card include U-turn on Principles, Failure of Governance, Development, Price Rise, Anti-women AAP Government, Let down of Poor &

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February, 12

The good work done by the UPA government and Dr. Singh has been destroyed by the BJP: Singhvi

Addressing a press conference, Congress leader Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “Hollow words can never change the ground reality. Which is dismal, which is scary and which exposes the complete hypocrisy of this Government. There is a huge disconnect between what is preached and promised by the Modi Govt & what is achieved on the ground”

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Indian National Congress Timeline

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