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December, 2

Prime Minister Modi has devastated one of the fastest growing economies in the world

The Prime Minister has confined himself in a prison of his own making. It is his image. He has invested so much into it that he can’t think beyond it. And the people who are suffering are the common, honest and hard working citizens of India.

November, 30

Vox Populi: Brokers are charging 30% to convert Black Money, the Government is charging 50%

India will remember 8th November, 2016 for a long time. On this day, Shri Narendra Modi stood on stage and did what he does best - give a speech. The speech had its usual vaudeville elements and included the announcement of making 86% of the currency illegal.

November, 21

People dying in queues, Economy grinding to a halt and BJP Govt says its ‘small inconvenience’

“A combination of ignorance and distrust has never proved an administrative success,” FS Ascoli, an ICS officer and a historian, wrote in 1917 about the East India Company’s attempt to streamline the revenue administration in India. It holds true a hundred years later too.


The Incredible Journey

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