May, 27

Modi ji, why are you undermining institutions?

The BJP Government, led by Shri Narendra Modi is systematically undermining the institutions in India. The latest target of their attack is the Reserve Bank of India, and more specifically its Governor, Raghuram Rajan.

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May, 26

2 Saal Bura Haal

The Modi Government has started its ritualistic celebration of itself on the two year anniversary of forming the Government. There will be more than 200 rallies, praising the work of Modi government, in general, and Shri Narendra Modi, in particular.

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May, 25

PM Modi actions go against CM Modi’s words

In the last 2 years, PM Modi has delivered a mind-boggling 363 speeches and statements over 706 days. This works out to a speech every 1.9 days or, to be precise, every 45.6 hours. This number increases exponentially if we take his constant speaking during the election campaign.

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The Incredible Journey

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