In Focus

October, 21

PM Modi’s sugary talk & the bitter truth of India’s faltering sugarcane industry

Sugar prices have turned bitter for the average Indian household. With the prices of sugar crossing Rs 47 per kg, the pinch of this price rise is being felt by every Indian in this festive season. But, the Government has chosen to do nothing.

October, 19

Surgical strikes: When PM Modi says ‘don’t politicise’, he means exactly the opposite

Addressing a press conference, Congress spokesperson Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “There are many issues which reflect how this Government has a genetic predisposition to exaggeration, distortion & hypocrisy.”

October, 17

Shri Parrikar doesn't deserve to be Defence Minister. He is a national embarrassment

Public Relations, rather than diplomacy and governance, has served as the guiding principle of Shri Narendra Modi’s Government. NDA’s Ministers have been thumping their chests over the Surgical Strikes along the LoC. One needs only look at the exaggerated comments of our Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar to realise which party is politicising the actions of our defence Forces.

October, 7

Congress party's press briefing against BJP's attempts to politicise the surgical strike

BJP should stop putting out posters claiming credit for army's surgical strike. Let the army do its job. Don't politicise the successes of our armed forces for petty electoral gains.

October, 6

Rahul Gandhi's speech at Parliament Street, New Delhi

"Modi ji, you are hiding behind the sacrifices of our Jawans, those who laid down their lives for India in J&K, those who carried out the surgical strike, you are playing politics over their blood"

October, 4

INC urges govt: Don’t politicize the sacrifices of Indian soldiers for myopic political gain

The Indian National Congress, while reaffirming its unequivocally support for the Indian Armed Forces, has urged upon the Government to stop politicizing the sacrifices and bravery of Indian soldiers for myopic political gain.

September, 17

How Modi Govt cooked up the ‘Jan Dhan’ numbers

Almost half-way through its term and no significant achievements to his credit, the Modi Government is doing what it does best, cook-up numbers.

September, 16

Modi ji tirelessly works to topple elected Govts, but has no solution for 21 months of declining exports

A decline in exports does not make news anymore. Exports declined for 19 months in a row and then went up marginally in June 2016. The months of July and August 2016 have seen another round of decline in our exports. Exports have now come down for 21 of the last 22 months.

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