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April, 13

Taking forward Babasaheb Dr BR Ambedkar’s Quest for Equity

The Congress Party’s idea of India is designed to establish a just and equitable society by undoing the regressive norms that have crushed our people for centuries.

March, 14

BJP’s Mantra: If you can’t win elections, use money to buy power

What determines the election verdict? It is the votes of the people. In the election booth, all Indians are the same. There we all have the same voice.

March, 2

Caught making fake promises, now PM Modi selling fake GDP figures

Government data is sacrosanct, or at least it was till before 2014. With the arrival of the Narendra Modi Government in the Centre, this changed

February, 28

Who is a Nationalist: Students fighting a fascist Govt, or the BJP, which is harbouring ISI spies?

Who is a true Nationalist? Is the one who is peacefully protesting against an unjust Government trying to subvert the voices of its people, or is it those who are abusing, fighting, threatening & spreading fear

February, 20

Why PM Modi imposed Demonetisation: Crippled by bad loans, banks could no longer lend money to PM’s friends

Since 8th November 2016, PM Modi, like a desperate salesman trying to cover up the manufacturing defects

February, 16

100 Days of Demonetisation Blunder: ATMs still have no notes and Pak is pumping high quality fake notes

As India nears 100 days of Demonetisation, people were expecting counterfeit currency would never raise its ugly head again, and that Modi ji, as promised, had silenced Pakistan once and for all. We wish this was true. It is, unfortunately, another jumla, one that was designed by the PM to hide his lack of foresight and chronic ineptitude.

February, 15

“PM is in perennial election mode, HM is busy campaigning & the Defence Minister is in sleep mode”

BJP came to power in 2014 partly based on a rhetoric built around muscular nationalism. Their Prime Ministerial candidate, Shri Narendra Modi had said India was not secure under the premiership of Dr Manmohan Singh. He evidently mistook the politeness of Dr Singh for weakness.

February, 13

Demonetisation a Failure: Fake Currency Notes find their way into the country

November 8th, 2016, a day etched in infamy. It was on this day, that the sitting Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi

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