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December, 2

Prime Minister Modi has devastated one of the fastest growing economies in the world

The Prime Minister has confined himself in a prison of his own making. It is his image. He has invested so much into it that he can’t think beyond it. And the people who are suffering are the common, honest and hard working citizens of India.

November, 30

Vox Populi: Brokers are charging 30% to convert Black Money, the Government is charging 50%

India will remember 8th November, 2016 for a long time. On this day, Shri Narendra Modi stood on stage and did what he does best - give a speech. The speech had its usual vaudeville elements and included the announcement of making 86% of the currency illegal.

November, 21

People dying in queues, Economy grinding to a halt and BJP Govt says its ‘small inconvenience’

“A combination of ignorance and distrust has never proved an administrative success,” FS Ascoli, an ICS officer and a historian, wrote in 1917 about the East India Company’s attempt to streamline the revenue administration in India. It holds true a hundred years later too.

November, 10

Hope the economy gains more than the Rs 15-20K crore the Govt has spent on new notes

Indians are already into the second day of living in a country which just had 80% of its circulating currency purged out of the system in one overnight blow. As Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are demonetised, the common people are suffering. With the Government ostensibly claiming that this move is to fight black money, anti-social elements and terrorism

October, 28

BJP does a ‘Surgical Strike’ on Army, downgrades Army’s prestige

The BJP has been carrying out a covert assault on the Indian Armed Forces, using every bureaucratic trick in the book to cut the honour and prestige of our brave men and women in uniform. This can be seen in the lowering of Armed Forces ranks, dithering on OROP, cutting disability pensions and not removing the anomalies of the 7th Pay Commission.

October, 27

Modi’s Digital India: ‘Unofficial’ Whatsapp groups being used to deprive labourers from MGNREGA work

We all have known that the Modi Government is “Suit Boot Ki sarkar”, but we never imagined that in this time of rural distress, his government would be actively working to hurt the labourers of our country.

October, 26

Mr Prime Minister, please spare the ONGC & order a JPC probe into the GSPC Scam

Modi Government is quietly planning another surgical strike. Only this time the target is not our neighbour, but one of the Maharatna companies, ONGC. This is not being done to protect the citizens of India, but the Indian Prime Minister.

October, 25

Should Maharashtra CM ensure trouble free screening of films or mediate in extortion deals?

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has been pushed into a corner. Unable, or indeed unwilling, to take on the responsibility of maintaining law and order in his State

October, 24

Has BJP’s Maharashtra Govt institutionalised extortion?

Maharashtra’s BJP Chief Minister, Shri Devendra Fadnavis has taken a step to institutionalise extortion in his State by giving it his political sanction. CM Fadnavis brokered a truce between the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and the makers of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, wherein the latter had to pay Rs 5 crore to ensure that there is no violence in the film screenings.

October, 21

PM Modi’s sugary talk & the bitter truth of India’s faltering sugarcane industry

Sugar prices have turned bitter for the average Indian household. With the prices of sugar crossing Rs 47 per kg, the pinch of this price rise is being felt by every Indian in this festive season. But, the Government has chosen to do nothing.

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